Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meet Indica...Baron von Meowsen

Finally…Introducing Baron von Meowsen (aka Indica). He is the crone of the von Meowsen Clan. He’s 12 years old in human years, which means he’s actually 70 years old! There’s not much to tell because being the eldest of the group means you pretty much do nothing but sleep in the exact same spot all day until the human servants get home. Then you might have a nibble, say “hi”, demand a massage and then head back to your bed and sleep through the night. He’s in perfect health and is best friends with Greta.

I told you there wasn’t much to say…he sure is pretty for such an old dude though, don’t you think?
Want to know how old your kitty really is? Click here:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Help Bob Find a Forever Home...

Please visit Melvin’s blog Mouchois, if you or anyone you know in the Central Florida area are interested in giving a gorgeous shaded Golden Persian, Bob a new forever home.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Meet Leia...The Reigning Queen

Drum roll please…finally, introducing the Queen of our palatial estate and the one pulling the strings behind this blog, Leia von Meowsen. Leia has a long history of tormenting her other siblings then accepting them as her own babies (except for Baron von Meowsen, who you’ll meet in the next post). Leia was born on Christmas Eve to a previous family and was kept as the favorite because of her regal beauty and poise. However, much to her chagrin, a new litter came about and a new favorite was about to take her place. Luckily for Leia, her Auntie catnapped her before she was discarded into the streets to survive on her own. That’s when she met her new mommy and was coined ‘Princess Leia’ (yes…geek moment). After 10 years, she has risen to rule the household. However, with old age comes some other unwanted baggage. She has developed feline diabetes. She receives her insulin injections twice a day from her man servant and is doing just fine. In fact, she doesn’t put up a fight and just goes with the flow when she sees him coming. There are quite a few sites out there in the web universe that are very helpful if you find that your own feline has developed diabetes. As always though, please see your magical kitty healer before diagnosing on your own.

Here are a couple:

The last introduction of the clan will be made soon, then the real fun can begin as to seeing how the royal family lives out their daily lives…until next time.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

In the Meantime...Vote for Misha!

Well, my hooman servant has been sick the past couple days and hasn't gotten around to my introduction. So...let me introduce you to my new furfriend. He is a handsome knight in shining fur and his name is Misha. Misha a finalist in New Zealand’s Next Top Cat Model!

Please vote for Misha today by using the widget on the right side of my page!

Hugs & Purrs, Leia

Monday, September 21, 2009

Meet Greta…The Countess

Greta was a blessing to the royal clan as we had lost an important part of the family to renal failure. She belonged to a not so nice family that brought her to the family healer with a broken leg. They refused to have her broken little leg fixed and wanted to take her home as was. So the healer took over the rights to the little one and fixed her up like new. We were able to adopt her and bring her to her new loving home and all was joyous in the royal palace. Well, that is after Leia, the Queen of the household gave her final approval.

Greta has only three legs now. She doesn’t act as if she even knows it’s missing. Well, that is unless she has an itchy ear and the poor dear requires her servants to assist in scratching. She moves faster than the rest of her siblings and has learned to trust her human servants completely now. There are many great articles on the internet that help humans understand living with a disabled pet and that they deserve a loving home just as much as one with all legs intact.

Living with a Disabled Cat

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meet Lulu...Court Jester

Lulu is a special needs kitty and a rescue. Lulu has a disease called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. However, she does not allow this to get in the way of her happy life. Lulu is a fully functioning little girl and keeps the royal family laughing and on their toes with her antics. Her only demand is that her human servants pay attention to her at 4:00 am.

What is Cerebellar Hypoplasia?
The cerebellum is the portion of the brain responsible for the control of motion. When a puppy or kitten is born with an underdeveloped cerebellum, the condition is known as congenital cerebellar hypoplasia.
There are infectious causes of this condition in both cats (panleukopenia infection prior to birth) and dogs (herpes virus infection prior to birth). Improper development of the cerebellum may occur due to injury, poisoning or just from an accident in development in the uterus. It is generally possible to see signs of this condition almost as soon as the puppy or kitten is born. Affected animals have tremors and unusual jerky movements or may fall down when they try to move.

The symptoms do not get worse as they age. As the kitten or puppy grows it will learn to compensate for its condition but there are usually lifelong signs of a decreased ability to coordinate movement. Almost all dogs and cats with congenital cerebellar hypoplasia can live happily as pets with a little special care to compensate for their disabilities. This condition can be confused with cerebellar abiotrophy, a different disorder in dogs in which the puppy has a normal cerebellum at birth but it gradually dies. Signs of disease identical to cerebellar hypoplasia occur but the timing is different. Puppies with this condition seem normal at birth but usually start to show signs of problems after they are 2 months or more of age.

How do cats cope with it?

In humans, the problems would be significant disabilities. CH cats don't worry over their inability to do things in the same way or at the same speed as other cats. Spastic cats can do everything other cats do and are equally independent - they climb fences, play and performs daredevil feats, though they can be alarming to watch, especially as they teeter along a fence. Occasionally they slip, catch hold with their claws and haul themselves back up again; make sure there are soft plants to cushion any fall! Like disabled humans most won't want to be overprotected, but in the same way that disabled facilities are made available to humans, some thought needs to be given to toilet facilities, access to favorite spots etc to ensure their well-being.

It is not advisable to give a spastic cat free access to outdoors as their mobility problems, perception problems and possible sight problems makes traffic doubly hazardous to them. If you have an enclosed garden or a cat harness and leash they can have access outdoors. Many people are unaware of the condition and people who see these cats twitching on the path outdoors sometimes try to help the 'injured cat', but the cat's crazy zigzag run confuses most pursuers - they simply don't end up in the place they appeared to be heading for (one more reason roads pose such a threat, a driver who tries to avoid the cat cannot compensate for the cat ending up in the wrong place). Even birds are caught unawares by this zigzag approach and I know of spastic cats who are reasonable hunters, exploiting this element of surprise. CH cats are extremely independent and owners report that affected cats usually have "sunny personalities", but some allowances still have to be made.

A caring owner can think of other ways in which to help a disabled feline companion, but beware of being overprotective. A disabled cat still requires some semblance of independence to allow it to fulfill that inner 'catness' that we love in our feline friends. Most seem unaware of their disabilities and they do not expect life to make allowances, but a helping hand and some adjustments to their lifestyle and perhaps your own lifestyle will ensure a disabled cat has a healthy, happy and safe life. (full text available at ---> "Cerebellar Hypoplasia")

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Labor Day

The von Meowsens wish you all a happy labor day. Now hoomans, stop relaxing and fire up the grill. Cook your kitty a fish filet! STAT!