Friday, September 25, 2009

Meet Leia...The Reigning Queen

Drum roll please…finally, introducing the Queen of our palatial estate and the one pulling the strings behind this blog, Leia von Meowsen. Leia has a long history of tormenting her other siblings then accepting them as her own babies (except for Baron von Meowsen, who you’ll meet in the next post). Leia was born on Christmas Eve to a previous family and was kept as the favorite because of her regal beauty and poise. However, much to her chagrin, a new litter came about and a new favorite was about to take her place. Luckily for Leia, her Auntie catnapped her before she was discarded into the streets to survive on her own. That’s when she met her new mommy and was coined ‘Princess Leia’ (yes…geek moment). After 10 years, she has risen to rule the household. However, with old age comes some other unwanted baggage. She has developed feline diabetes. She receives her insulin injections twice a day from her man servant and is doing just fine. In fact, she doesn’t put up a fight and just goes with the flow when she sees him coming. There are quite a few sites out there in the web universe that are very helpful if you find that your own feline has developed diabetes. As always though, please see your magical kitty healer before diagnosing on your own.

Here are a couple:

The last introduction of the clan will be made soon, then the real fun can begin as to seeing how the royal family lives out their daily lives…until next time.

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