Monday, August 31, 2009

The Back Story

How do I begin this fairy tale? The reign of the von Meowsen clan began 12 years ago in a far away land with Baron Indica von Meowsen and Little Prince Versace von Meowson. However, something was missing. Perhaps it was a feline with higher standards and the keenness to make the hoomans bow to the paw of the spectacular von Meowsen monarchy.

She was a force to be reckoned with and master of the palace to this very day. Princess Leia von Meowsen was rescued from a family that was tired of her bossy attitude and wanted to banish her to the empty streets with the peasants. The universe had bigger and better plans for her though and she was adopted into the von Meowsen family and now resides as the ruler of this kitty domain. You will succumb to her prowess and feed her kitty treats, my friend. Trust me. You will.

After the passing of Prince Versace, there was room in the royal palace for another rescued soul, that of Countess Greta von Meowsen. Her previous master had been a horrid and cruel hooman to which our lovely Countess only is abl
e to rule with three legs. This however, proves to only add to her charm. She races to and fro at lightning speed throughout the palace, only stopping for a moment to allow the slaves to pamper her occasionally.

However, there still seemed to be something missing at the palace. When the Court Jester failed to entertain the family Leia ordered him to go to the market to find only the best kibble. Perhaps, that would help. While there he acquired not only the best kibble that money can buy, he also found a
new rescue. A tiny soul of sorts...with crystalline blue eyes and wobbly legs. Lady Lulu von Meowsen. He thought due to her “spastic” nature, she might take the focus off of him and allow her to take his place as Court Jester and entertain Princess Leia.

And so the fable begins...