Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meet Indica...Baron von Meowsen

Finally…Introducing Baron von Meowsen (aka Indica). He is the crone of the von Meowsen Clan. He’s 12 years old in human years, which means he’s actually 70 years old! There’s not much to tell because being the eldest of the group means you pretty much do nothing but sleep in the exact same spot all day until the human servants get home. Then you might have a nibble, say “hi”, demand a massage and then head back to your bed and sleep through the night. He’s in perfect health and is best friends with Greta.

I told you there wasn’t much to say…he sure is pretty for such an old dude though, don’t you think?
Want to know how old your kitty really is? Click here:


  1. Oh, dear..the cat age calculator is a broken linkie.. :-(

    But, the Meowsens are nonetheless gorgeous.

  2. I fixed the link...boy, my human has too many blond moments, that's for sure;)