Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Twitter a Critter Tuesday

Just three simple steps can save a pet...even if you can't adopt! Go to http://www.TwitterACritter.com

Just use the search tool they provide to find a dog, cat, or other pet that need a home in your local area. Choose a pet from the list and click to get their info. Then click the Twitter Tool on the pet's page to add a link to your Twitter feed. It’s so simple and so helpful to our furry friends that are less fortunate than us.

I will be featuring a new pet each Tuesday that needs a home in my local community.
Adopt a Pet :: Jasmine the Super Kitten - Sanford, FL - Domestic Shorthair

You can also find
Jasmine the Super Kitten's story here... See Jasmine the Super Kitten's Homepage

Jasmine is everything wonderful about a kitten. She's clever and playful and cute. She's snuggly and purry and soft. Curious and funny. Tender and loving.
She is bound to make her adoptive family SO happy. She is - as mentioned previously - everything wonderful about a kitten....

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